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Reinforce material
Middle sole cloth
Imitation lining leather
This product has widely, suited in any shoes, variety and any thick. Convenient in using, saving production material, environment-protect. This product has highly comfortable, flexible and stability. Anti-Abrasion, Anti-tearing, and water-proof.
Using Guide
The type of HXP  
The Toe and Back Box of Non-woven Cloth Hot Melt Glue: economical, common hard, suited for man and woman shoes, casual shoes and safety shoes etc toe box and back box.
Single Varnish Glue
HXP.1C: 0.4mm HXP.1C: 1.2mm
HXP.1C: 0.6mm HXP.1C: 1.5mm
HXP.1C: 0.8mm HXP.1C: 1.8mm
HXP.1C: 1.0mm HXP.1C: 2.0mm
Double Varnish Glue
HXP.2C: 0.4mm HXP.2C: 1.2mm
HXP.2C: 0.6mm HXP.2C: 1.5mm
HXP.2C: 0.8mm HXP.2C: 1.8mm
HXP.2C: 1.0mm HXP.2C: 2.0mm
The type of TLHXP
Has highly flexible toe and back box material, has good cement for the oil leather, hard, and good flexible, suited for lady shoes, man shoes, sport shoes, safety shoes.
Single Varnish Glue  
TLHXP.1C: 0.6mm
TLHXP.1C: 0.8mm
TLHXP.1C: 1.0mm
TLHXP.1C: 1.3mm
TLHXP.1C: 1.5mm
Double Varnish Glue  
TLHXP.2C: 0.6mm
TLHXP.2C: 0.8mm
TLHXP.2C: 1.0mm
TLHXP.2C: 1.3mm
TLHXP.2C: 1.5mm
The type of TLHXP-P
Has better rigidity than TLHXP, good flexible, suited for high grade shoes.
Double Varnish Glue      
TLHXP-P.2C: 0.6mm TLHXP-P.2C: 1.3mm
TLHXP-P.2C: 0.8mm TLHXP-P.2C: 1.5mm
TLHXP-P.2C: 1.0mm    
The type of GHXP
Hard back box, suited for football shoes, working shoes etc
Double Varnish Glue      
GHXP.2C: 1.3mm GHXP.2C: 2.2mm
GHXP.2C: 1.5mm GHXP.2C: 2.5mm
GHXP.2C: 1.7mm GHXP.2C: 3.0mm
GHXP.2C: 2.0mm    
The type of YS
High flexible toe box material, used in casual shoes, mountaineering shoes, Golf shoes and special shoes toe, owns Anti-Abrasion, fine in flexible, Anti-hot etc character, has good cemented in slender upper leather.
Single Varnish Glue      
YSP.1C: 0.4mm YSP.1C: 1.0mm
YSP.1C: 0.6mm YSP.1C: 1.2mm
YSP.1C: 0.8mm    
The type of SP
Highly flexible toe box material, suited for any shoes toe box.
Single Varnish Glue      
SP.1C : 0.4mm SP.1C : 1.0mm
SP.1C : 0.65mm SP.1C : 1.2mm
SP.1C : 0.85mm    
The type of S
The S type of Hot Melt Glue is very softness, suited for box shoes, casual shoes, children shoes and sport shoes.
Single Varnish Glue  
S1060 0.6mm
S1080 0.8mm
S1010 1.0mm
The type of RHE
High quality toe and back box material, suited for any shoes, highly flexible, low temperature reaction, long time open, suited for toe lasting by hand and by machinery
Single Varnish Glue      
PHE.2C : 0.4mm PHE.2C : 1.0mm
PHE.2C : 0.6mm PHE.2C : 1.2mm
PHE.2C : 0.8mm PHE.2C : 1.5mm
The type of LC
LC is made of one special synthesize glue material, mainly used in back box, has good cement, and which is very hard, it's very good in moulding and stability.
Single Varnish Glue  
LC.71C : 0.8mm
LC.91C : 1.0mm
LC.11C : 1.2mm
LC.13C : 1.4mm
LC.15C : 1.6mm
Double Varnish Glue  
LC.72C : 0.8mm
LC.92C : 1.0mm
LC.11C : 1.2mm
LC.13C : 1.4mm
LC.15C : 1.6mm
The type of Durflex
Durflex is one red and white double side toe and back box Hot Melt Glue, suited for sport shoes, man shoes, lady fashion shoes and boots etc
Single Varnish Glue      
Durflex.2c 0.8mm Durflex.2c 1.5mm
Durflex.2c 1.0mm Durflex.2c 1.7mm
Durflex.2c 1.3mm    



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